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I am a passionate educator who believes 'a good teacher, is a good teacher', they are the difference! 

Teachers Have No Idea Of What Students Are Capable Of!!!

Teachers Have No Idea Of What Students Are Capable Of!!!

Got your attention didn't I!!!
And relax.... I am a teacher too! Read on I think you will be challenged but may even like what I have to say!!!

Earlier this year I heard Professor Jo Boaler bravely state, ‘teachers have no idea what students are capable of’… and I believe her!!

High expectations and a growth mindset can be the ingredients to see students reach new heights. No-one really knows what anyone can achieve! The best things teachers can do is provide high expectations and engaging opportunities to grow student learning. 

Angela Lee Duckworth states in her TED talk, 'Grit: the power of passion and perseverance', that grit is a key indicator of success. People from all walks of life succeeded when they persisted and displayed motivation. She asks the questions, who is successful and why? The same qualities shone through in all successful people and it was 'Grit', passion and persevering for very long term goals, stamina, working really hard week in week out! 

So if anyone is willing to work hard and apply effort, anything is possible. Therefore, success can not be predicted it is up to the individual.  

Not a bad thing to know as a teacher too!!! Give every student a chance, have high expectations of all the students..... and watch the rise!!! 


Check out the GRIT TED talk at this link!
Duckworth, Angela Lee, (2013). Grit: the power of passion and perseverance


Find out more about Jo Boaler and her work at:



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