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Which Fraction is bigger?

Which Fraction is bigger?

Before doing the task….. YOU and other teachers DO THE MATHS

Have your students sitting as a group. Ask them which Fraction do you think is bigger?
Get them to move to that side of the room.

Now that the students have decided, get them to justify their answer and challenge each others thinking. This is where the fun begins. In a safe environment students will challenge, prove and change sides and ideas. 

Continue to probe students to share their thinking. Some students can draw what they are thinking to help explain their idea. The aim is to convince the other students that you have the correct answer.


When I did this lesson in a Grade 5/6 classroom some wonderful learning occurred. 27 students went to the 1/2 side and one student stayed with 100/199. After 20 minutes and a discovery session that one student stayed with 100/199 and was correct.

Fractions as a collection: If there are 199 students at the school and 100 of those students are boys. Then there is 1 more boy than girls. Therefore 100/199 is more than one half.

Fractions as division: 1 divided by 2 equals 0.5. 100 divided by 199 is 0.5025

Fractions as decimals: When made into decimals 1/2 is 0.5 and 100/199 is 0.5025. This is a good time to bring out your decipipes and show student what a visual representation of a decimal is.  

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