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PROVE IT: What's In A Name?

PROVE IT: What's In A Name?

PROVE IT: What’s In A Name?

Ever had an argument or discussion with someone that can’t be beaten! They believe in their view and talk you around so that you now believe their point of view!………… An A+ reasoner!

Communication, evaluating, inferring, explaining and justifying thoughts and ideas is becoming a necessity in this wonderful fast paced world we live in.

Reasoning is one of four proficiencies in the curriculum and provides students a platform for fundamental mathematical learning and skill application at a sophisticated level. VCAA states that students are reasoning mathematically when they are:

  • explaining their thinking
  • deduce and justify strategies used and conclusions reached
  • adapt the known to the unknown
  • transfer learning from one context to another
  • prove that something is true or false
  • make inferences about data or the likelihood of events
  • compare and contrast related ideas and explain their choices

Can you prove it? is one of the greatest questions you will ever ask to Mathematics students. It opens the door to a realm of answers that provide insight and clarity into their minds and thinking. 

  • Can you prove it?
  • How do you know?
  • Explain your thinking?
  • What strategy did you use?
  • Tell me more about that…

Give these questions a go and enjoy hearing what is going on in the minds of your students. 

How Can I Help My Child Succeed In Maths? 
Parents Positive Mindset

How Can I Help My Child Succeed In Maths? 
Parents Positive Mindset

S.T.E.M Learning.. Get on it!!!

S.T.E.M Learning.. Get on it!!!